One day I crammed my notes and went for the exams,
But came information decay and washed it away.
Again I wrote them in short hand on top of my desk
But came the teacher, and swapped the sitting arraignment.

I tried to copy off my friend, sitting close to my right,
But he was busy covering his work, with all his might.
Then I peeked at the guy on my left, in hopes of some luck,
But he caught me red-handed and gave me a grin, smug and stuck.

Desperately, I scratched my head, trying to jog my memory,
But all I could recall were the facts from my history.
I even tried to cough a code to my classmate in the back,
But the teacher caught me and threatened to give me the sack.

With my mind racing, I gazed up at the ceiling in despair
And saw the answers written up there, big and clear.
I blinked twice, rubbed my eyes, sure I had gone insane,
But my classmates were ogling too, with disbelief written plain.

Now, sweating and shaking, I decided to come clean,
"I am sorry, dear teacher, I tried to cheat in this scene,"
The class erupted with laughter, as my face turned red,
But I learned my lesson and, from then on, did not cheat ahead.

From that day on, I hit the books with all my might,
Taking diligent notes and studying late into the night.
I learned the value of proper preparation and hard work,
And how cheating would only lead to failure and smirk.

With great focus and determination, I aced the next exams,
Far surpassing my classmates and earning high in all realms.
I showed them that success can be achieved through honest means,
And that cheating is always a shortcut to shattered dreams.

So now I encourage all students to study with zeal,
Read with purpose and memorize with feel.
For if we work hard, we can achieve the best,
Without relying on cheating, which only brings unrest.