Johny, oh Johny, what have you done,
Your laziness has caused quite a lot of fun.
The clay you were given, so easy to mould,
But you let it move by itself, so quick to fold.

The bad version of you, oh what a sight,
Dancing on the table, faces so tight.
The candy, shoes, books, and toys,
Joining in to mock you, oh what noise!

Lazy Johny you just didn't care
About the clay that was sitting there
And the books and pens pleaded with you to start
But you only let out a terrible lazy fart

The toys yelled out at you in despair,
"Don't waste your time moulding there!
Come play with us, it's much more fun,
Leave that ugly clay, it's already done!"

But the mice had a trick up their sleeve,
They said to the clay, "We believe
If Johny won't work, we know what to do,
Mould an ugly version, and make it poo!"

And so the clay moulded a terrible sight,
A deplorable Johny, all in fright,
The kitten and pup teamed up with malice,
To mould a version, oh so mean!

It danced around and sang a stupid song,
Knocking over Johny stuff
And causing quite a throng.
You were upset, but you learnt what a lesson,
You took a deep breath and destroyed the creepy little goon.

You started fresh and moulded a new creation,
With a smile so bright, it sparked your imagination.
Johny you showed that no task is so tough,
And that even a messy outcome can be crafted a new.

You worked child, and did your best,
And ended up with a masterpiece that impressed,
An astounding version he created with ease,
And all the toys and objects were just as pleased!

So if you ever feel as Johny did,
Just take a lesson from this bid,
Work hard and don't give up the fight,
And your masterpiece will be a delight.