The hidden land of Himalaya,
Encircled by snow capped mountains,
Makes a continue flow of rivers to nourish,
Decorated with evergreen floral diversity,
Peaceful habitat of human & wildlife,
Fragrance of evergreen species,
Is the land of perfection on earth.

The land of perfection is ruled by,
Descend of great treasure reveller Pema Lingpa;
With philosophy of Gross National Happiness,
Born in this land are fortunate to see paradise before death;
Travelling every nook and conner of the state
To know and understand the difficulties of His people,
We feel secure under compassionate & perfect leaders.

The compassionate leaders at every gathering,
Preach us “ youth of todays are the leaders of tomorrow”,
Nothing is impossible but is matter of starting on and not at all,
Always respect elders and be kind-hearted,
Supportive, trustworthy, hardworking,
Punctual, sincere and loyal in whatever you do,
These are the perfect teaching to be remembered.

Perfect teaching were preached in every gathering ,
Upon listening and hearing the teaching ,
We won't get liberated,
Thirst cannot be quenched upon seeing water,
We have to go near and drink so,
Lets us analysed & practice,
To be the perfect disciples.

Everything should be done with timing,
Farming should be done in timing for good harvest,
Wear the clothes according to the weather,
Save & earn when you are young & energetic,
Today is the perfect time to begin,
Tomorrow may be late,
So lets us gather and act in this perfect time.