Among seven billions people in the planet
Why I have to be born and raised by you?
Why not be born to others,
Methinks in the past generation
The bonds of our relationships were very strong but incomplete
That incomplete made me choose you among billions,
So we are tied in the kinship bond.

Of many great scholars and masters in the globe,
Why I seek & take refuge in you,
To guide & liberate me,
From the dark & ignorant world,
I believe that I have indestructible karmic connection,
That indestructible made me choose to seek refuge in you,
So we are bound in the bond of guru-disciple.

Of thousand beautiful girls
Why did you shine so bright,
To make me fall in you,
It seems that return of the lover legend to me,
And a familiar face & heart seen & felt long time ago,
That familiarity made me to fall in you,
So we are tied in the bond of husband-wife relationship.

If love & affection are very strong to one another,
Make aspiration prayers together for next generation,
Prayers generate immense merits,
All are possible through the power of prayers,
So I believe what ever I got in this very life,
And all the chosen ones above,
Are due to limitless prayers that I made.