Because I believe all religion is for good sake,
There is no religion who does not appreciate love,
Like & dislike make our choice, but
I am committed to religion of my faith.

Lamas have their own style to liberate sentient beings,
Some mock to preach, some question to preach,
I value & respect all the Gurus, but
I am committed to my Tsawai Lama (root teacher).

Parents are of many types,
Some are adorable & others strict,
How bad or good they are,
You must not forget you are their child.

When I see beautiful objects,
I am not the perfect lord,
I may fall on them to hurt your feelings, but
I am committed to you my Love.

I have hundred of friends in social media,
Some might be true & dedicated,
Some might have befriend to be spies,
Commit yourself to true friends to share your data.

I am not a good writer,
I am not a good story teller,
I don't have creative imagination, but
I promise to write whatever I can think of.

I wanna commit to say,
I will help everyone the best I can,
I will do all goods & leave all evils,
I won't walk on the mistaken paths.