Thank you 2019 for all challenges you gave,
I might not have succeeded otherwise.
Thank you 2019 for all problem you gave,
I might had been ignorant,
Thank you 2019 for all untroubled & troublesome,
Which made me prepared & strong to face New Year,
Thanks Root Guru for all blessing,
Thank you all supporters,
Without I am helpless,
Thank you 2019 for adding a page in my story.
Before I start to ink in new notebook,
I take refuge in Triple Gem, Deities & Bodhisattva of all direction,
To guide me with your wisdom in 2020.
May all sentient beings be protected & guided by almighty,
May everyone be blessed to be happy,
May all dream turn into reality,
May New year filled with true happiness,
Wish you the abundance of fun & glory.
May 2020 brings you success that last forever.