Why me?
There were millions
No, billions of people
In this planet earth
And God has to choose one
And that's me

That was the question
Before I enter the stage
When my mind
doesn't accept
any explanation

I didn't commit no crime
Nor I didn't commit
no lawbreaking act
Yes, I have sinned
But who doesn't

It's difficult when
Someone were comparing
Me amongst my brothers,
Comparing me amongst
Any person

It's difficult when
Someone were calling
me names that you and I
Doesn't want to be called

It's difficult when
Someone were mocking
my every actions
just to seek another Men's

I remember
I saw child
who was complete
But begging for food
Or money,
Scavenging the rubbish
scraps that he would find
And acquiring the things
That he will sell later

On That moment on
My head was clear
My questions were answered
That I am blessed
Yes, not on a physical way
But I am blessed by God
because he gave me the
people who will
Truly inspire me to continue,
Who will help me grow as a man

Sorry if I've been Selfish,
self-centered, narcissistic
I just viewed at the
things that I never had
Not the things that I have