The Lost Tram Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I walked an unfamiliar streetA
And suddenly heard a raven's cryB
And the sound of a lute and distant thunderC
In front of me a tram was flyingD
How I jumped onto its foot boardE
Was a mystery to meF
Even in daylight it left behindG
A fiery trail in the airH
It rushed like a dark winged stormI
And was lost in the abyss of timeJ
Tram driver stopK
Stop the tram nowL
Too late We had already turned the cornerC
We tore through a forest of palmsM
Over the Neva the Nile the SeineF
We thundered across three bridgesN
And slipping by the window frameO
A poor old man threw us an inquisitive glanceP
The very same old man of courseQ
Who had died in Beirut a year agoR
Where am I So languid and troubledS
The beat of my heart respondsT
'Do you see the station where you can buyB
A ticket to the India of the soul '-
A sign Blood filled lettersU
Announce 'Zelennaya ' I know that hereV
Instead of cabbages and rutabagasN
The heads of the dead are for saleW
In a red shirt with a face like an udderV
The executioner cuts my head off tooX
It lies together with the othersU
Here in a slippery box at the very bottomY
And in a side street a board fenceZ
A house three windows wide a gray lawnA2
Tram driver stopK
Stop the tram nowL
Mashenka you lived here and sangB2
You wove me your betrothed a carpetC2
Where are your voice and body nowL
Is it possible that you are deadD2
How you groaned in your front chamberV
While I in a powdered wigE2
Went to introduce myself to the EmpressF2
Never to see you againG2
Now I understand our freedomY
Is only an indirect light from those timesH2
People and shadows stand at the entranceI2
To a zoological park of planetsJ2
And a sudden familiar sweet wind blowsK2
A horseman's hand in an iron gloveL2
And two hooves of his horseQ
Fly at me over the bridgeM2
That faithful stronghold of OrthodoxyF
Isaac's is etched upon the skyB
There I will hold a service for Mashenka's healthN2
And a requiem mass for myselfO2
And my heart goes on forever in gloomP2
It is hard to breathe and painful to liveQ2
Mashenka I never would have dreamedR2
That such love and longing were possibleS2

Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev


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