Agamemnon's Warrior Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A queer and fearful question is tightA
Oppresses my soul and tossesB
Can one be alive if Atreus has diedC
Has died on a bed of rosesB
All that we dreamed of and everywhere praisedD
All our longing and fearE
Were fully reflected in those calm eyesF
As were in a glass of a tearG
Ineffable power dwelt in his handsH
A saga of feet was retoldD
A beautiful cloud he was for his landD
Mycenae the country of goldD
What am I A fragment of ancient dreadD
A javelin fallen on earthI
Atreus the leader of nations is deadD
But I have been spared by deathJ
The down is full with reproachful flameK
The waters enticingly singL
It s hard to exist with the horrible shameK
If one had forfeited one's kingL

Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev


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