In the shadows deep down where silence weeps,
When pain knocks, my heart it keeps opened,
A heavy burden with a tear-stained night,
In the deemed happiness hours, I search for light to my endless smile.

The ache within, a relentless tide,
In the crevices of my soul, it hides,
I long for solace, a gentle touch,
But pain persists and it hurts so much.

A shattered dream, a love now lost,
In the tempest of grief, I'm tempest-tossed,
Yet, hope persists through endless rain,
That one day, I'll heal from this sweetest pain.

When pain knocks, and darkness falls,
I'll rise again as my spirit calls,
For within the storm, there's strength to find,
And in the broken pieces, I'll bind.
But for now, pain is my best friend.