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  • When Pain Knocks
    In the shadows deep down where silence weeps,
    When pain knocks, my heart it keeps opened,
    A heavy burden with a tear-stained night,
    In the deemed happiness hours, I search for light to my endless smile. ...
  • I'm Selfish
    I'm selfish
    Cos I can't bare to see you smiling in the arms of another.
    I'm selfish
    Cos I crave the taste of your tongue each day. ...
  • What If Tomorrow Starts Without Me?
    It is that moment in life,
    When someone is lost in a moment.
    It is that moment in life,
    When life passes by like a flash in a distance spark. ...
  • Bleeding Heart!
    The sound of my heart beats within,
    The sound of echos sparks,
    The thoughts I have in mind fades.
    The sound of her sweet voice disappeared. ...
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