The sound of my heart beats within,
The sound of echos sparks,
The thoughts I have in mind fades.
The sound of her sweet voice disappeared.

These has crushed my soul into uncontrollable sadness.
I trembled over the beautiful memories each day,
Especially her perfect touches.
A painful trap, long before she left.
Thinking it was a dream,
But actually it's a reality.

Then I thundered the sound so loud.
Little did I know the sound will soothed my torments.
Then it got together with attractive tunes.
Thereafter it became a big mess.

Not withstanding, everything was so sweet and tolerant.
Could distance be a barrier to our love?
Has my joy envelopes into sadness?
How often do we keep in touch?

This are questions I ask myself each day.
But I know we will again meet someday.
Knowing our hearts have now interwined.