Death is a thief of happiness that covers you with loneliness,
It causes a deep hole in your heart, that no one can heal,
Without warning, death comes crawling towards you,
And when it reaches you, it stands tall and attacks!
Takes your life like overflow of water that submerges land that is dry.
Takes your life away like a storm that came to disrupt, interrupts your peace,
And leaves you with great suffering, grief, fear and a deep sorrow.

Death hunts!. It's grave yards will never be full.
It is like a snake in the lake waiting to kill,
Never afraid like a mole in a hole.
Always ready to destroy and distract,
And moves you from hero to zero.
From a defender to being defeated.
Bohale ba lefu ke bohale ba tau, le osiya o maketse. Death leaves the love ones with embedded memories that will never come to life,
Humming seeking chumming,
Screaming and weeping as they lay dead,
Tears of sorrow shed over the graves,
Searching for comfort.

As painful as it is we should regard death as a golden key that opens the gates of peace. Let peace prevail as we unite with our love ones.