Depression destroys me.
Making life hell,
Disease that affected every aspect of my life.
Story that I hate being part of.

I have no rest,
Fighting internal battle
I'm bleeding.
Drowning inside the pool of my own blood.
I feel like crawling out of my own skin,
I feel like a bird with a broken wing.
I feel alone, worthless, empty, betrayed.
Trapped inside this darkness.
Can't seem to find light.
Tears fall like rain.
All I do is cry and scream.

I hear voices in my head telling me that I'm not good enough,
Telling me to end my life.
Trying to scrub this heavy filthy words off my skin.
Trying to remove this heavy burden on my shoulders.

Trying to run away from you depression is like trying to run away from my own self.
Wrestling with the invisible monster.

People don't understand how I feel.
I struggle to breath sometimes.
I'm afraid to die
Iam afraid.

But I refuse to commit suicide.
No matter how hard it is I will never give up on prayer.
I will fight you depression untill my last breath.