Relentless Nights Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


As i turn on the yellow bulbA
you spread out your armsB
to wrap me upC
You are warmD
Soft hands buttery skinE
Which i want all to myselfF
At two i clutch you deeperG
we feel the priking warmthH
I roll over my hands onto your bodyI
Though you are turned aside yetJ
you give a luscious look with a sighK
I feel these nightsL
I feel youM
I know it will be drawn to closeN
the innocence of your loveP
is unforgettableQ

Meetali Sharma
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/19/2019


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Meetali sharmA: Thanks you so much @Michael Aete
This means a lot to me.
Michael Aete : Your two poems are too superior. The are actually ťhe only pieces I consider important among so many poems about

Meetali sharma: Thank you so much
Will surely go through yours@Mo Az
Meetali sharma: Thank you for the appreciation @Mo Az
I will surely ho through them
Mo Az: Well written and a good read! Do go through some of mine when you get some time ;)

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