Darling, you’re the sweetest girl in the world.
There’s a remarkable love in your heart.
Your intense love is beyond compare.
If there’s a possibility to love you in death,
I’ll be the first one to find a way to do it.
And you’d still be my love in the afterlife.
Nothing can destroy the love that we have.

I’m so happy that you’re a tenderhearted girl.
Thank you for lightening up my mood.
You came and taught me how to love.
And you’ve displayed deep affection for me.
Selen, I’ll love and adore you eternally.
I’ll cherish you until the moon loses its glow.
And I mean every single word I say to you.

I can’t stay away from you for a long time.
Look what you’ve done to my heart.
It doesn’t beat normally when I’m close to you.
And every time you kiss me, it beats faster.
The way you say my name turns me on.
When I go out, I think about you all day long.
I can’t wait to get home to hug and kiss you.

You make it so easy for me to desire you,
And it’s even easier to love you now.
Loving you is the best thing that I’ve ever done.
I derive pleasure from being with you.
And I can’t keep my feelings for you inside.
That’s why I compliment you so often.
Darling, you’re the sweetest girl in the world.