You’re such a sweet, adorable girl,
That’s why I gave you my heart.
You can share your dreams with me.
I’ll walk with you along the terrace.
I’ll bring you roses in the evening,
And I’ll tell you I love you every day.

One night I asked you to marry me.
The banns were published in May.
And I’m proud to say you’re my wife.
Baby, I’ll do all the things you like,
Say the words that make you happy,
And try to please you all the time.

You’re such a sweet, adorable girl.
I just can’t survive without you.
You’re such a sweet, adorable girl.
That’s the nicest thing I can say.
You’re such a sweet, adorable girl.
I’ll never caress anyone but you.

I’m going to take you back in time.
This red gown will jog your memory.
Let’s relive the night we fell in love.
You looked quite stunning in the foyer.
I remember every tear you shed
And the passionate way you held me.

Now I must thank you for your love,
Thank you for your gentle kisses,
And thank you for waking up beside me.
Baby, stay with me for many years
So I can make love to you time and again.
And I promise to give you satisfaction.