For Stacy-Ann

Each day I look at you with admiration.
I want you to fill my heart with satisfaction.
Darling, if you accept my proposition,
It will surely bring me joy and exultation.

You are the best choice for association.
But I want more than just socialization.
You motivate me and give me inspiration,
And I must express my appreciation.

I have good taste and high expectation.
And I am not a man who uses deception.
I would like to take you to a private location,
So I shall wait for you with anticipation.

Why does love lead us into temptation?
I cannot come up with a rational explanation.
When I stretch my wild imagination,
Thoughts of you make me lose concentration.

We had a very interesting conversation.
You told me your beliefs and conceptions,
So to prevent any wrong assumption,
Let me prove the equity of my intention.

This is a perverse and lustful generation.
Many couples are going through separation.
But if we avoid disunity and contention,
Our romance will not result in dissolution.

Darling, in your words I find consolation.
Your smile takes away my depression.
You know the urgency of the situation,
So give me your consent and suggestion.

A relationship requires good communication.
Love can give our hearts gratification.
I cannot dazzle you with my recitation,
But I hope you will enjoy this composition.

There is no time for doubt or hesitation,
So let us take our instinctive position.
If we begin stimulation and copulation,
We will experience a pleasurable sensation.

I wrote this poem to display my affection.
And I dedicate it to you with deep emotion.
Now is the time for us to have relations.
Our love can be a perfect reciprocation.