I know that something is on your mind.
You’re still thinking about him.
His charm and physique attract you.
And he arouses your sensuality.
You obviously love him more than me.
You want to end our relationship.
And you plan to leave me secretly.
This means I won’t see you anymore.
Honey, if you go away, I’ll miss you.

I don’t like the look on your face.
If you weren’t satisfied with my love,
Why didn’t you say something?
You make my life worth living.
I was a lonely man before I met you.
And if I should lose you now,
I’ll go back to the same old condition.
You’re an irreplaceable woman.
Where will I find another wife like you?

Honey, what’s happening to us?
Where did our happiness go?
Our days and nights are so gloomy.
We sleep on the same divan bed,
Yet we seem to be so far apart.
What about your promise to love me?
Please listen to what I’m saying.
Don’t just turn and walk away.
No, don’t treat our love this way.

I’ve stored up all my love for you,
Yet you’ve become a passionless woman.
Rekindle the fire of your love.
Get your act together at once.
We must make an effort to reconcile.
Meet me half way, sweetheart,
And I’ll go the extra mile for you.
Let’s try earnestly to save our marriage.
We can do it if we really want to.

We’ve been together for over three years.
Why should we break up now?
Is it so difficult for us to get along?
Please change your mind and stay.
Don’t leave the one who loves you behind.
Honey, if you cry, I’ll dry your tears.
I still enjoy the pleasures of your love.
But if you decide to forsake me,
There’s nothing else I can say or do.