She’s been sitting there alone since I came in.
I don’t think she’s waiting for someone.
She seems to be so upset and unhappy.
I perceive the heartache by her dejected look.
Does she feel a strong urge for intimacy?
Is she tired of hearing lies and alibis?
Did the love of her life disappear into thin air?
I know that she hungers for excitement.
It’s evident that she’s drowning in loneliness.
I really hope she desires my company.

I can easily tell that she’s lost in thoughts.
Her cheeks appear to be wet with tears.
Perhaps my imagination is running away with me.
Or it could well be her perspiration.
Would she like to spend a few minutes with me?
I should go and introduce myself to her.
But I’m too shy to approach the table.
Hmm, her ring finger bears an impression.
Why isn’t she wearing a wedding band?
I take it that she’s a divorcée with the blues.

Suddenly she looks in my direction.
And she notices the curiosity on my face.
I quickly turn my head away,
But I look at her again when she utters these words:
“Hey! I see that you’re dining alone.”
“Would you like to join me?”
And she gives me a welcoming smile.
Her posture and body language are so inviting.
And although I’m tongue-tied,
I can’t afford to lose this rear opportunity.

She’s such a pulchritudinous young lady.
Her enthusiasm lights up my countenance.
She could be the answer to my prayer.
Will she give her heart to someone again?
I solace her and she solaces me too.
In our eyes we seem to have met before.
We make each other laugh and bury the gloom.
She allows me to kiss her tempting lips,
And I feel the passion that she feels.
Two lonely hearts somehow find satisfaction.