The Story Of A Lost Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The silvery clouds caress the blue seaA
On top of the rippling wavesB
The native pelicans flockC
Such intimacy reminds me that love is goneD
Anna flew across the shore as a seagullE
Destined for a land of fairy taleF
Now I walk alone in the white sands of lonelinessG
I gaze at the lighthouse from afarH
Whose arms will hold her until dawnD
The willow gives a sad rendition of weepingI
Love s wild orchids no longer bloomJ
And the salty wind carries away my confidenceK
We lost vision of reality when our romance was youngL
Nothing seemed impossible to usG
We built our little heaven on hopes and fantasiesM
Beside the orchard gateN
We sat and counted firefliesO
Nights were laced with kisses and embracesP
Moonlight and lovers conversationQ
How they gratified our silly heartsR
Shooting stars occasionally entered our paradiseS
We never doubted our dreamsT
But all this is just a blissful story of yesterdayU
Like a faded flower on the groundV
Her love for me has completely worn outW
My heart now resides in an erotic historyA
Sadness fills the place where love once dwelledX
But in my book of poetryA
The lyrics of passion will remain foreverY
We used to dash through the prairieA
As the grass bends in the summer breezeM
Our love was so excitingI
Now I cling to the indelible memoriesM
The story of a lost loveZ

Marlon Pitter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/21/2020


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