I’ve been waiting to see the doctor for over an hour.
Now I see a beautiful woman walking in.
My eyes scan her posterior until she slips behind the door.
Then I ask myself, “Who’s that sexy lady?”
I’ve never seen her at the medical centre before.
The answer to my question comes in less than a minute.
She’s the new doctor filling in for Dr. Yap.
And I become more anxious to see the doctor.

I’m the first patient on the waiting list.
The nurse tells me the doctor will see me now.
I approach her desk calmly and greet her with a smile.
She’s on fire the instant she looks at me.
I see love written all over her face.
She examines me from head to toe and says,
“I know what's wrong with you and I have the cure.”
We talk for approximately half an hour.
I get the feeling that she doesn’t want me to leave.

She uses a special therapy that works well.
I’m having a good time with the new doctor in her office.
She seems to forget the other patients waiting outside.
Her assistant comes in and asks if everything is OK.
Of course we’re all right without the disturbance.
She scribbles a prescription for antidepressants.
I express my gratitude to her for her help and she grins.

Right or wrong, I’m in love with the new doctor.
She’s exactly the sort of woman I need.
Well or unwell, I must see this doctor more often.
She has the remedy for my recurring condition.
I can’t wait for another visit with the sexy doctor,
So I’ll make an early appointment with her receptionist.
My illness has returned and I need her attention.