Sally had been married for only two years when her husband left.
He was a manipulative man and he did not love her,
But she was still in love with him because he was her first love.
He desperately wanted to go abroad to work.
This meant that he would be away for six months.
She did not like the idea of being left alone for a long time,
But she reluctantly agreed to let him go to Canada.

He solemnly promised to come back to her in six months.
And she was foolish enough to believe that he would.
He waved to her from the doorway of the aircraft.
And she smiled as she cheerily waved back at him.
She had no way of knowing that he would not come back,
Neither did she know that he waved to her for the last time.
She was not doubtful of the plan; she thought it would go well.

Although he communicated with her and sent her money,
He did not intend to continue the relationship.
Six months passed and he did not return as he assured her.
He told her that he renewed his employment contract.
And he said that he would work there for another six months.
He did not tell her that he deliberately overstayed his visa.
She was disheartened because things did not go as planned.

The same thing happened repeatedly for three years,
Yet she kept waiting for him with the hope of seeing him again.
Sally knew that something was definitely wrong,
But she was too angry and upset to handle the situation.
A friend of hers told her that the man was playing her for a fool.
She found it hard to accept that he was doing this to her.
Her friend encouraged her to make a decision about her future.

Sally received a shocking phone call from her husband.
He asked her to divorce him so he could marry a Canadian citizen.
And he told her that it would be a marriage of convenience.
Then he said that if he did this, he could legally stay in the country.
He promised to send for her when things worked out.
And he told her to wait for him because he still loved her.
Perhaps he thought he could persuade her to agree.

Sally almost died when she heard his unrealistic suggestion.
He had selfish motives and his arguments made no sense.
She did not trust him anymore, so she refused to divorce him.
Furthermore, she knew that the bastard was lying to her.
She blocked his phone number and she blocked him on WhatsApp.
Then she had a change of heart and unblocked him.
Her affection for him was preventing her from moving on.

A few months later, he called her again and shattered her heart.
He told her that he was getting married the same day,
But he did not love the woman that he was going to marry.
And he said that he was doing it for Sally’s benefit.
She found out that he had been married to the woman all along.
If she had moved on, she would not have suffered such pain.
Sally’s heart sank as she thought of the last time he waved to her.