Nobody can put a price tag on love
You can get love anywhere for nothing
The greatest emotion is not for sale
Loving is not something that is hard to do
What does it require to love someone?
The only thing you need is a heart of love
You must love without favouritism
And you will get love in return for love

There are many distorted views on this topic
I am sure nobody can live without love
If you do not take me seriously,
Stop loving and see how long you can survive
It takes you and me to make love grow,
So let us combine our love today
And encourage other people to join us
We can make this world a desirable place

Genuine love begins with you and me,
So I am giving you an exhortation
This is what each one of you ought to do:
Take love with you wherever you go
It will be easier to get along with others
If you have real love in your hearts,
Let everyone you come across see it
Do not hesitate to make your love shine