When you told me that you were leaving,
It deeply distressed me.
Honestly, I couldn’t act rationally.
I didn’t beg you not to go.
And when you left me,
I didn’t beg you to come back.

Honey, I didn’t want to lose you,
But I said nothing to convince you to stay.
I knew that I was wrong.
My heart was filled with regret,
But I didn’t apologize to you.
And I didn’t ask for your forgiveness.

You were so angry with me.
Did you think I was affected by ego or pride?
No, that’s not what happened.
I was going through a rough time in my life.
And I just gave up easily.
Whatever is meant to happen will happen.

Now I want you to take me back,
But I don’t know what to say.
What can say that you don’t already know?
You knew that I loved you,
And yet you broke up with me.
My love for you didn’t make a difference.