I need a beautiful lady to love me.
Show me a damsel with an ardent love.
A smart and intelligent lady will do.
If she can put up with my idiosyncrasies,
She’s the one I want to date.
Please introduce her to me right away.

I want someone who can excite me.
Bring me an understanding lady.
And if she knows how to satisfy a man,
She’s the one I’d like to meet.
I say she’s the lady I want to fondle.

If she's respectful, loving and kind,
I’ll offer her my passionate heart.
Now's the time for true love to begin.
If she’s ready to give her love to me,
She may come and take my love.

There must be a nice lady for me,
Preferably one who's able to conceive.
The lady who wants to be my wife,
She’s the one I’ll always love and adore.
I’m sure she’s the one I want.

If her love is as strong as mine,
We’ll make each other happy all the time.
Tell her the requirements of my love.
And if she has all these good qualities,
She’s the lady I’m talking about.
Yes, she’s the one I want in my life.