Secret Tears Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


You possess a love that only few people haveA
And you are quite an unpredictable womanB
I could not foresee this doleful outcomeC
You loved me and then you walked out on meD
But a part of me keeps thinking about youE
My smile is gone and I wear a dull face every dayF
I do not want to experience the blues foreverG
And only you can take away my forlornnessH
I have cried secretly since you went awayF
But my secret tears cannot ease the hurtI
The loss of your love still affects me severelyD
How much longer can I conceal the tearsH
I wonder if the pain of loneliness will ever subsideJ
The prolonged solitude has saddened my heartK
Where is the serenity that I had onceH
I am alone and it is so hard to live without youE
Tonight seems to be the loneliest night of my lifeL
My bed linen feels as cold as the snowM
I have sincerely spoken apologetic wordsH
But I just cannot get through to youE
Tears of sorrow keep falling from my eyesH
And my anguish is growing strongerG
Darling I am still longing for your loveN
Maybe this poem will persuade you to returnO
I cannot bury the best love of my yesteryearP
Remember the old songs that we used to playF
The rhythms made us dance and swayF
What became of the sweet sounding melodiesH
It seems that the end of the world is nearP
Time will not go on for me if you are not hereQ
What can I do to arouse compassion in youE
I cannot shed secret tears for you anymoreR

Marlon Pitter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/16/2020


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