I'm not a performer or an orator
I've told you this many times,
But you behave as if you lacked understanding

Everybody has different abilities
It's unreasonable to expect everybody to be the same
Some people are speakers, others aren't

I'm an author, not a conversationalist
I don't want to be in the spotlight
And I don't like many eyes staring at me

You make me feel guilty and uncomfortable
Don't give me any assignments or responsibilities,
For I'm not a dependable person as I once was

I can't read or recite dramatically
I'm always tense when I stand before an audience
Even if I'm addressing people who I know well

The performers alone can't make the show a success,
But you only praise the ones you see performing
You don't appreciate the work I do behind the scenes

I can't speak fluently due to a speech impediment,
So I have to avoid embarrassment
Public speaking is for people who can speak well

I don’t like to engage in oral discussions
When I have an opinion of someone or something,
My writing figuratively does the talking for me