I’d be deeply indebted to you if you grant my request.
You alone can add the missing happiness to my life.
Even though I know so little about you, your love will do.
And I spoke of the burning love in my heart for you.

Darling, I’ll ask for nothing else if you do what I want.
Take the chance this once and you won’t regret it.
The joy of having a child of your own begins with love.
I wouldn’t have suggested it if you were unable to do it.

You’d satisfy my intense desire if you give your consent.
Trishie, obey your heart, it’s telling you to answer yes.
I love you more than you can envisage true love is.
And the fondness you have for me shows in your eyes.

Baby, I’ll do anything you ask if you accept my proposal.
I’m confident that you understand my feelings.
Even though it’s too early to expect a decision from you,
Please do it for me because I approached you humbly.