My mind is full of bittersweet memories,
Memories of the first time I saw you,
Memories of the sultry look in your eyes,
Memories of the feeling you gave me
The memories of you will never go away

Darling, I can’t block out the memories,
Memories of your soothing voice,
Memories of your smile that melted my heart,
Memories of the times I kissed your face
You give me endless memories of love

Though I’m old, I still have the memories,
Memories of your seraphic beauty,
Memories of having you in my arms,
Memories of the night you said goodbye
Age can’t get you out of my thoughts

Pleasant but hurtful memories haunt me
I’ll remember you for the rest of my life
Darling, I was such a fool to lose you
I wish I had amnesia to take away the pain,
For I know there isn’t another you