Why can’t you both get along well anymore?
Your love was so strong
Now all you do is argue over who’s right or wrong
This foolishness can’t continue
It usually starts over simple matters
He gets angry and shouts at you
You yell hurtful words at him
He throws the figurines on the wall
You hiss and slam the door
He barges into the room and grabs your hand
You turn around and slap his face
He slaps your face in retaliation
You curse him and start to cry
He apologises and tries to hush you
And you refuse to let him come near you

What’s happening to you and him?
You don’t behave like adults
You often quarrel with each other
And you give each other the silent treatment
You’ve come too far to fail
Don’t end it unless you’re sure it’s over
Today he’s making love to you on the sheet;
Tomorrow you’re packing your stuff to leave.
What kind of relationship is that?
It doesn’t matter who started the fight
Don’t let pride and ego ruin your life
Stop fighting and make things right
And give your love a chance to succeed
Things are back to normal for now,
But both of you will soon be at it again