You were not at the office when I went there.
The bouquet I left on your desk, you threw it away.
And you tore up the greeting card I sent you.
When I called you, the answering machine said,
“Please leave your name and a message after the tone.”
We had a dinner engagement for 8:00 p.m.
But you did not show up at the Chinese restaurant.
I felt so embarrassed, I had to order another drink.
The waiter smiled when I said my date was late.

You are upset because I played with your emotion,
But I think you are overreacting to the situation.
This sort of thing happens in life once in a while.
You did not have to go and stay at your dad's old cottage.
Why did you take your belongings and leave?
You are not to blame for the silly games that lovers play.
I noticed you left your favourite magazines and CDs.
You will be back sooner than you think, sweetie.

I tried everything I could to prevent you from leaving,
But you got in your Mercedes and drove off angrily.
I walked along Bamboo Avenue alone in despair.
If you move in back with me, I would make things right.
My lady-love, just tell me what you want me to do.
Tell me how I can satisfactorily make it up to you.
Everyone has to go through the vicissitudes of love.
And sometimes we all must play love’s silly games.