Dear Sister Debora:
Please forgive me for writing you this letter
I’d rather speak to you in person,
But your friends are always around you
And I like to discuss eros privately
This is a very important issue in my life
I’m confident that you’ll understand

Debora, kindly accept my warm greeting
And please extend my cordiality to your family
I want you to know how I feel about you
I’ve had eyes for you for over a year
And I’ve become overly attracted to you
I wanted to tell you these things before,
But I didn’t get the chance to approach you

This isn’t the traditional way to propose
But as you know, I can’t speak well
I stutter, especially in intimate situations
I’ve got good intentions towards you
Seriously, I don’t want sexual immorality
I’d like to find a nice woman to love,
Get married and live a decent life

Debora, I find myself gravitating to you
I have the urge to see you all the time
And my ambition is to make you my wife
If you’ve ever been in love with someone,
You’d know the feelings of my heart

I don’t want you to make a hasty commitment
The two of us could be meant for each other
Darling, I can at least imagine this much
I’m looking for specific qualities in a woman
I want a loving, caring and understanding person,
Someone who’s inclined to worship God
And you certainly display all these good qualities

Debora, I must be truthful about myself
Sometimes I’m playful and daring,
Providing that you catch me in the right mood
But I can’t maintain a lively spirit
I guess it’s because of my condition
It’s embarrassing to talk about it
Let me help you to grasp what I’m saying
I’m experience unbearable loneliness
I grew up as an only child and I hardly socialise
And this really gets me down

There are other beautiful nuns at the convent,
But I chose you cos you’re suitable for me
Do you love me, Sister Debora?
Darling, if you care about me at all,
Consider this letter a request to court you
So we can spend more time together
And learn more about each other

If I could write all the things I want to say,
I’d add more to this letter of proposal
Could we meet somewhere and talk?
I don’t know how you’ll react to my approach,
But I’m anxiously awaiting your reply
Darling, stay as sweet as you are
Yours sincerely, Anthony Scott