I'm So Confused Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I can t cope with this unhappy marriageA
I m afraid it s not working for meB
What I mean is that it feels like tortureC
I m not very skilled at pretenceD
My act has lasted so long and it s a mysteryB
I can t keep deceiving you this wayE
I just don t love you I never didF
Frankly I don t know why I married youG
Day and night I think about the pastH
The woman I love doesn t love me anymoreI
It happened just as I d predictedF
At one time she loved me obsessivelyB
But she lost feelings for meB
Is this reality or just a bad dreamJ
My whole life is an illusionK
I want to wake up from this nightmareL
I ve never doubted your loveM
But I d rather you didn t love meB
I can t reciprocate the love you showN
The tension is literally killing meB
You re clinging to what you think existO
Sometimes I feel something for youG
But I don t feel like I m in loveM
I don t have erotic feelings for youG
It s wrong to let you waste your love on meB
I don t want to divorce youG
Neither do I want to stay with youG
Chelsea I m so confusedP
You may think I m an ungrateful manQ
But I m not as lucky as you areR
You have me and that s what you wantS
Things are going OK for youG
I never got what I wanted out of lifeT

Marlon Pitter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/22/2020


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