I’ll never forget you, darling.
I’ve devoted my life to loving you and I’ll always do.
Every day I review the love we had.
You were my baby and I loved you dearly.
How could I forget the love you ardently gave me?
You offered me more help than I deserved.
My heart won’t grow weary of reminiscence.
I cherish the short time I napped in the bosom of love.
I still feel the sensation of your kisses on my lips.
It was a truly fantastic experience to love you.
I’ll preserve the memories until I get back your love.

I’ll never forget your warmth.
The best days of my life were spent with you.
I’ll never rule out the possibility that you still love me.
Someday we might renew our love.
I’ll keep the hope alive that we’ll be together again.
My love won’t fade like the buds of spring.
The good times I had with you still remain on my mind.
And the years have strengthened my love for you.
You’ve lost my physical presence,
But you haven’t lost my love.
My heart won’t run out of love for you.

I’ll never forget our love.
A wonderful thing developed between us.
You aroused an indescribable feeling inside me.
I didn’t fully understand it,
But I enjoyed every moment with you.
And I tried vainly not to let it end.
I wondered whether it was a dream or a reality.
Admittedly, it appeared to be imaginings,
But it felt so real to me.
It was a love unlike any other love.

I’ll never forget the past.
My mind won’t quit looking back in time.
I’ve lost a treasure that I may never repossess.
Perhaps I could live without your love,
But I can’t live unless I keep thinking about you.
I remember your babyish voice
And the way I used to admire your slender figure.
How your enticing smile thrilled me!
You’re worth all the tears that fell from my eyes.
I’ll never forget you, darling.