I know that some people will want to hear the things that I have to say and some will not.
I also know that not everybody will regard my opinions as important information.

I know that you speak in ignorance because you lack wisdom and accurate knowledge.
Moreover, I know that you like to support things that you do not know their origins or roots.

I know that they have been teaching you falsehood since the days of your childhood.
And I know that you prefer fantasy to reality because that is what you mostly know.

They taught you about three little pigs that built houses and a cow that jumped over the moon.
It is sad that you obviously like to hear and read about these foolish and impossible things.

I know that many people think they know right and wrong because they are adults,
But we live in a debased world that deliberately makes right appear to be wrong and vice versa.

I know that some of you attended colleges and universities, and so you think you are wise.
And I know that you can acquire knowledge from education, but education does not teach wisdom.

I know that you highly regard diplomas and certificates, but I regard these things as used toilet tissue.
I also know that knowledge can be true or false and it can be useful and beneficial or useless.

I know that only the people whom “the cap fits” will be upset when they read this composition.
Moreover, I know that bold and forceful speakers of facts do not have many friends.

I know that many people agree with military action because they have no regard for human life.
And I know that those who support abortion do not think they are murderers, but they are.

I know hypocrites and pretenders when I see them; such ones are conspicuous by their dishonesty.
I also know that some people are stupid enough to think my poetry is personally attacking them.