For Tanesha

Tanesha, I’m so glad you accepted my invitation.
I’ve got something to tell you that might not surprise you.
Sit down and let me get straight to the point.
I can’t focus on my life because I’m attracted to you.
You’re probably aware of it by now.
I've tried to conceal my emotion for some time;
You must have noticed the lustful way I’ve looked at you.

I’ve been kind to you since the moment we met.
You charmed my heart at the age of fifteen.
It’s a pity you were only a minor then.
I’m not implying that you were too young to understand love,
But I just didn't want to get in trouble with the law.
I’m neither a pervert nor a child molester,
So I decided to wait until you’re an adult.

Hold on; don’t say anything until I’m finished.
Five years passed and my feelings for you haven’t changed.
I love you, and I just can’t help it.
You’re such a beautiful woman, Tanesha.
And I’ll always regard you this way.
I’m so obsessed with your pretty face and your sexiness.
And I’d do almost anything to touch your dark, smooth skin.

We haven't had a good conversation for a long time.
I'm sure you've thought about that.
How can I explain this without hurting your feelings?
I thought I could get over you if we avoided close interaction.
To the contrary, it hasn’t worked at all.
I keep picturing you in my mind, no matter where I go.
And we still see each other from time to time.

Tanesha, I love you with intense passion.
And I don't want you to regard me as a father figure.
I got married a few years before I met you.
And I know that what I’m saying to you is wrong.
Please forgive me, I just can’t help it.
It doesn’t seem that things will work out in my favour,
So it shouldn’t hurt more to say how I feel about you.

If you’ve got feelings for me and want to take a chance,
Now is the best time to do something about it.
You know how much I desire you so the decision is yours.
If you don’t think it’s appropriate to give me your love,
I'll accept the rejection and bow out gracefully.
I’d rather it ends with you knowing that I love you
Than let you go without telling you what’s on my mind.