For Stacy-Ann

Do you still have the old teddy bear that you kept on your bed?
You would sleep with it every night because you loved it so dearly.
Nobody could come between you and your teddy bear except me,
So you must shed tears on your pillow and dream about my love.

I hear the chirping sounds of crickets on the ground, my baby.
Perhaps where you lie down tonight you can hear them too.
Even though you are not here, I still feel the presence of your love.
And I visualise your face in the stars that twinkle brightly above.

I left in a confused state, and I caused your solitude and anxiety,
But just pretend that I am still in your arms when you are alone.
The pleasure and the bliss are gone and sadness fills your heart.
But for the sake of love, please do not wait too long to forgive me.

Even though I exhibited impatience and turned away from you,
I would rather be at home with you than with someone else.
How I wish that you will change your mind before I lose heart.
What happened to the intense feeling that made you love me?

I would tell you romantic things on the telephone late at nights,
It delighted you whenever I said, “Hug your teddy and go to bed.”
And I would also say, “Hug your bunny, gator, snake, dog and doll.”
Darling, those silly words meant so much to you at that time.

Do you remember when I used to make you laugh with glee?
It is a treasured memory that will never leave my troubled mind.
Stacy-Ann, how could you forget those sweet things so easily?
Something inside you should miss me the way I miss you, baby.