For Abigail

Baby, you make my eyes get dreamy.
A kiss from you would make my head spin.
You fascinate my heart with your appeal.
I’d be so entranced if you truly love me.
If you seriously want to be my lover,
Then please let your love reassure me.

I’ve loved other young women before,
But all of them proudly rejected me.
Abby, you’re such a beautiful woman.
How could you possibly love me?
I want to give my whole heart to you,
But I’m not certain that your love is true.

You smile when you see me in the store.
I’ve got a hidden passion for you,
And I can’t control my urge to be with you.
I didn’t know that you knew all along.
You also have a hidden passion for me.
So why didn’t you say this before?

I don’t want to be used and refused again.
I need someone to end my solitude,
Someone to lighten up my moroseness,
And make my depressed heart glad.
Should I take a chance on you, Abby?
Will you make my fantasies come true?

I could remain a lovesick man all my life.
On the contrary, you could be my girlfriend.
Even if I don’t experience your touch,
I’ll always feel the same way about you.
The sight of you gives me pleasure.
I want you to convince me of your love.

I thought I could hide my passion for you.
I’m such a fool when it comes to love,
And you know that I’m in love with you.
Baby, you can easily read my mind.
My erotic feelings for you show clearly.
You know it because you see it in my eyes.