I told her that my love for her would never end.
She knew that I meant every word and I would prove it.
I promised her that I would stay by her side,
And I tried earnestly to fulfil my promise.
I felt that our relationship could go on without consequences.
And she believed that we could stay together for a lifetime.
We imagined that life in fairyland was possible,
But we were only fooling ourselves.
We had a peculiar love for each other,
And this was the only thing that mattered to us.
Life was not worth living without the love for each other.
She wanted to marry me in spite of knowing my wife.
Even though she was not sure things would work out favourably,
She occasionally encouraged me to do it.
There was a feeling of uncertainty about the outlook,
But I was too deep in love with her to back away.
Her love was too good to be true.

We ignored the principles of love and continued the affair.
She did everything I asked her to do for me,
And I did everything she wanted me to do for her.
Once she stood right in front of me,
Then she pressed her soft body against mine.
I touched her velvety face and she smiled,
I gently stroked her long black hair,
And I trembled as I held her slender waist.
She quickly put her arms around my neck;
I grabbed the hem of her mini dress and pulled it above her hip.
My hands slowly moved down towards her anatomy,
And she did not resist or frown.
Suddenly she kissed me on the mouth,
And she weakened me with her seductiveness.
It felt more real than anything I had felt before.
Her love was too good to be true.

I thought I was in heaven for the few years that I was seeing her.
Consequently, I lost every trace of reality.
And I forgot that even good things come to an end.
While I loved her, I had to leave her.
One slip ruined my future with the woman who loved me.
And she did not understand the reason.
She certainly had an amative heart,
Yet she found it so hard to forgive me.
Even now I still do not know what happened.
It might have been a divine intervention.
I would love her over again if she just says the words.
And I would not change anything except the situation that I lost her.
I could not prevent myself from loving her.
The love I felt for her was blinding me,
But she was the only woman I wanted to see.
It is no wonder I am still hanging on to the love of yesteryear.
Her love was too good to be true.