Professors taught us that the earth and physical life came from a big bang.
Frankly, the only thing that comes from a big explosion is destruction.

Archaeologists said that mankind evolved from monkeys over a long period.
There is not a shred of evidence to confirm this ridiculous and absurd theory.

Historians told us that dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago.
And they deceived some people with the skeletal fossils that they sculpted.

Scientists with bad intent have tried in vain to find out the secret of life.
They can only experiment with organisms and substances that already exist.

Atheists flatly deny the existence of God and the reality of divine creation.
Why do you think living things exist by chance when we make non-living things?

Politicians think they and their militaries can bring peace and security to the world.
They will not achieve true peace and security by means of oppression and war.

Preachers claim that religion is the best solution to mankind’s problems.
If people did not give them money, there would be no religious organizations.

Most people would say that they do not accept excrement, so to speak.
They will not accept stinky excrement; however, they will accept aromatic excrement.