Do you see me as I see you?
Just look at me seriously for a while
Picture me as your husband
Can you see us starting a family?
It is a prospect, not an illusion
Think how wonderful it will be

I am standing here looking at you
I see life with eyes of possibility
My son is growing inside you
You are a respectful and caring mom
I am a loving and helpful dad
And here is our blushing little girl

Open your mind’s eye and imagine
We can turn fantasies into reality
You love me and I love you
Of course we would make a fine couple
Darling, if you dream with me,
Nothing will be impossible for us

This is our spacious dwelling house
It is so cosy, quiet and comfortable
We live together in peace and unity
Love gives us pleasure and satisfaction
Now do you see the possibility?
I hope it is real to you as it is to me