Your imagination tells you that your race is superior to others,
But in reality you’re not better human beings than me
All mortal men of dust should treat one another as equals
You think my life doesn’t matter because I’m a Negro,
So you abuse me and murder my children with impunity

I don’t need another man to recognize me as a human being
The shade of my skin doesn’t make me a lesser man
Why does a white person have to stand up for me?
No thank you, ma’am or sir, don’t do me any favours
People who are prejudiced against me shouldn't vouch for me

Hating someone who has done you a wrong is understandable,
But it's inexcusable to hate someone without justification
Your forefathers taught their offspring that Negroes were monkeys,
So you were reared with the misconception that I'm not a man
Imbeciles and ignorant people regard humans as wild animals

Bigots and racists, you can go to hell with your pretence
You obviously despise me because I’m of a different race
And I abominate your intention to rob me of my dignity
Shame on you for bringing obloquy on yourselves
Do yourselves a favour and cleanse your mind of racial hatred