Everybody has different abilities in various areas, such as music, sports, acting, poetry, arts, designing, leadership, and singing, to name a few.

Some people excel more than others in their speciality,
But it is not important or necessary to compete against one another to determine who the best person is in any area of ability.

Furthermore, you can only select the best competitors from among the ones who compete in sporting events.

Think of the billions of other talented people who do not take part in competitions.
You cannot justifiably say the ones who win gold medals are the cream of the world.

The spirit of competition does not promote love, humility, real peace, unity, equality, truth, and goodness.

Competition encourages ungodly practices, namely rivalry, contention, cheating, superiority, inordinate pride, prejudice, favouritism, patriotism, nationalism, egotism, selfishness, gambling, greed, glorification of men, class distinction, fanaticism, loose conduct, materialism, idolism, and self-praise.

We should completely avoid any form of entertainment that is designed to search for persons who have the best abilities.
These include sports, spelling bee, quiz, beauty contest, singing, dancing, literary arts, drinking bouts, and the list goes on.

We all can enjoy friendly games and recreation with good association.
And we can display our talent and the work of our hands without participating in the satanic idea of stirring up competitions among one another.