Blue was the colour of her evening dress.
Dark and beautiful were her eyes.
When she left me that night, I knew I would regret it.
And I knew I would have a blue heart.
She trusted me with her love.
And I should have done all I could to protect it.
But instead, I betrayed her trust.

She caught me in close contact with another girl.
Kisses so warm and sweet the dim porch lights had revealed.
The sight of it devastated her.
And her poor heart pounded.
The pain that she felt was too much to suppress.
It brought sadness to her heart.
And I knew she would never forgive me.

She stood there in shock and maintained her silence.
Then she turned her head away and cried.
I couldn’t bear to see her so hurt.
I tried to console her, but she wouldn’t allow it.
She just pushed me away.
And the tears that fell from her eyes will convict
my conscience forever.

You couldn’t imagine how I felt when I saw the woman
that I loved walking away.
Every time I think about it, I just feel like dying.
And I know what’s missing from my heart is her love.
I had everything that a man could possibly desire.
Now I have nothing but emptiness.
It left me with a blue heart, and I’m so lonely.