For Antonette

I stare at you because your physical beauty astounds me.
Honey, isn’t that a very sweet expression?
I say hello to you because you seem to be a nice person.
Your shrilly voice gives me a thrill.
I walk you to the park because I see a real friend in you.
You’re not the kind that likes to brag.
I treasure you because of the radiance of your eyes.
Every time you smile your face sparkles like a sunflower.
I give you my heart because I adore you.
And if I had more to offer, I’d surely give you more.

I stay with you without persuasion because I need you.
Constant thoughts about you engross me daily.
I cuddle you because I want to keep you safe and warm,
And I’ll do my best to protect you from all harm.
I kiss you gently because you have the most alluring lips.
Your inescapable seductiveness entraps me.
I chose you because I admire your pleasant personality.
The good qualities that you display are no disguise.
I do all these things for you because love-you/">I love you.
And believe me, honey, because every word I say is true.