Many restless nights I’ve longed for you.
And I’ve shed many tears on my pillow.
The weeping willow knows my plight.
I've expressed the affection I felt for you,
But you weren’t grateful for my kindness.
You packed your bags and said goodbye.

Sweetheart, you promised to marry me,
And I thought you’d keep your word.
I was living in a dreamworld with you.
Liliana, how could you do this to me?
You knew I was depending on you.
It felt like I lost everything when you left.

You swore you’d never love another man,
But you didn’t really mean those words.
Now I’m alone with questions on my mind.
My happiness disappeared with you.
I feel the loneliness I felt before you came.
And the situation is worse now than then.

There’s nothing else to lose after losing you.
Although you’re such a fickle woman,
I still treasure the times we spent together.
You mean more to me than anyone else.
If you come back to me temporarily,
I’ll accept you and play the part of a fool.