Marco Babu Poems

  • 1.  
    Calm as no stories heard, Days to count: in white you vowed,
    Eight years together for you money mattered, In House of God you called each other brother and sister,
  • 2.  
    Few hours pictures on s/media,
    Nonga gone too early, mortuary ices like that we bought Sunday after church What to think then, soil one me after relatives to come,
  • 3.  
    Mama… Is President flying like an eagle? 1997 arrival of President Mkapa to our village
    Didn’t know was just a person, that’s how our sisters Get disappointed, with more expectations from men
  • 4.  
    Act like them, you won’t make it
    Appreciate their era, for who you are today Griddles’ threaten your health, forgiveness heals
  • 5.  
    10 years experience in carpentry, could speak it now,
    Believed by every customer like Dulla mapajero the mechanic, Formalities give us too many theories to tell, than what reality world is
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Don Marquis Poem
Paladins, Paladins, Youth Noble-Hearted
 by Don Marquis

Galahads, Galahads, Percivals, gallop!
Bayards, to the saddle!-the clangorous trumpets,
Hoarse with their ecstasy, call to the mellay.
Paladins, Paladins, Rolands flame-hearted,
Olivers, Olivers, follow the bugles!

Girt with the glory and glamor of power,
Error sits throned in the high place of justice;

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