Michael Johnson once said " I don't fancy colors of the face, I'm always attracted to colors of the brain"

I understand we all have our differences.
But while learning about history
I have read about White people coming together
Jews coming together
Spanish coming together
Different cultures and religions understanding and coming together
Despite their differences.

What shocks me is how black people
Have not yet overcome the odds
And we are such strong, smart people
Why can't we just stand together?

Africans let us stand together
Stop killing each other
Black on black
We are one, brothers and sisters

Let us unite and be a united States of Africa
The dream of our forefathers

South Africans stop killing the Zimbabweans
Nigerians, Swazis and other Africans
They are your brothers and sisters
Unless you have decided to change your race.
But remember this!
The black who wants to turn his race white
Is as miserable as he who preaches hatred for the white.

I'm an African, Son of the great soil
All Africans are my brothers and sisters
And I believe that I am my brother's keeper
And I am my sister's keeper.
Africans let us unite together
Let us hold our hands together
And condemn Xenophobia.