Mancoba was born in a very poor family.He started school when he was 11 years old, due to financial problems at home. He was the first person to obtain a merit under the Non-formal education in 2013. He graduated from high school in 2018, he will be going to university in 2019. He's a very dedicated Christian, member of Risen Lord Ministries. He's a motivational speaker, he goes around primary and high school motivating students. He's also a public speaker, columnist and poet. He started writing poems while at school and performing them during morning assembly. Some of his poems are in his YouTube channel"Mancoba Dludlu" such as " I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL", " NO TO XENOPHOBIA" and many more. He's very active in social media, where he's doing his motivational work. In Facebook is 'Mancoba Zombelihle Dludlu' YouTube ' Mancoba Dludlu' and Instagram is' Mancoba Dludlu'



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